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Casio FX-991DE X Calculator/ClassWiz

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Casio FX-991DE X ClassWiz Scientific Calculator with Natural Display(Solar)

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The new ClassWiz series with:

Energy supply: Solar operation with back-up battery

With matching hard case

Size (H x W x D): 11.1 x 165.5 x 77 mm

Weight: 90g

High-resolution LC display with 193 x 63 pixels with four times the resolution of the well-known displays of the FX-DE Plus series

696 functions

icon menu


QR code function

Solving fourth-order equations and systems of equations

4X4 matrices

vector calculation

Integral/derivative calculation

Calculate with technical units

164 unit conversions

47 scientific constants

German user language

Solar/battery powered

distribution functions

solving inequalities

Calculation of minimum and maximum of a function

Improved solver

Calculation of echelon form and reduced echelon form of matrices

Repeating decimal fraction

Integer random numbers

prime factorization

Verify function: Check for equality of two expressions

Calculation of products with finitely many factors

Divide whole numbers with remainder

Statistical calculation of quartiles

gcd and kgv function

table of values

repeat function

24 bracket levels

variable memory

STO/RCL button

Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions

Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions

exponential functions10x, ex

inverse function x-1

power and root functions

logarithm functions

combinatorics and permutation

random number generator

Conversion of polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates and inverse

Fraction automatic (two modes)

Conversion from sexagesimal to decimal and inverse

Calculations in grads, degrees and radians

- key, e key and % key

SCI/FIX/ENG function

List based statistics

One-variable statistics

standard deviation

Two variable statistics


Numerical integration

Numerical Differentiation


Calculating with complex numbers

Calculations to base


Hard case

Operating instructions in German


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